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Fucked up by lil white

Fucked up by lil white
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Added: 27.06.2022
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Mais acessadas de Lil' Wyte. Fucked Up Lil' Wyte. Juicy J: I'm gettin' fucked up, man I'm gettin' fucked up A player drinking Maker's Marker, cranberry Vodka Maker's Marker, cranberry Vodka Lil Wyte: Give me a cup some ice some vodka and let's go Give me some dro let me put down the Crown and Coke I'm slummed out drunk as fuck and I know You won't make it home if you ride with me bro 'cause I've been drinking since 2 start to smoke around noon With no sleep I'm feeling similar to a cartoon Animated but gonna manage to make it through the day Bein' a rapper's close to being an alcoholic that gets paid I done see the higher ground now that I'm on a different plane If you step to me wrong I'm a have to show you I'm the man I'm Lil Wyte the motherfucking drunk n cracker sippin the blue top As long as I'm here I'll rip it so long that you'll never let the blue stop Lil Wyte: Well I'm fucked up! A guy that gets fucked up with me then hit the highway Bitch! And that's what's up.
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Fucked up by lil white

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Fucked up by lil white

All the drinkin and smoking I don't even know what I've been doin, where I'm goin Life is like a movie but somehow I just keep flowin, I'm losin focus I'm feelin hopeless Let's go. I woke up this morning smoking that green Think about money and sippin that lean Sellin that white, turnin up beans I'm damaged, selling everything Man, this is awesome, I do this often Fillin my chest and I started to cough I'm not stopping til I'm in a coffin Still sellin cheap like we're all in a auction. Killin them guys and killin no lie Way before rap I was sellin them pies Lookin at me you can tell that I grind Thinkin I'm broke, get the hell out yo mind Hold up, hold up Man, let me slow it down Too stoned, now let's roll the loud Hit the city, rolling round. And all we do is get fucked up All we do is get fucked up We was with er now we get fucked up All we do is get fucked up. All we do is smoke a little green, party all the time Only thing we know is keep that money on our mind And we get fucked up, get fucked up All we do is get fucked up, get fucked up. Woke up this morning, holler that roll I ain't got shit to do today bro All I really need is a plain ticket To the ville and I'm about the dough Crank up the yo, gather some hoes Roll up the dro and find me some lean Cheap people to hash racks on blitz Now let's go hit the fuckin scene OG white in the building hoe Bitch you better not blow my buzz Roll my cause, wuddup Dre?
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Hard White (Up in the Club)

Freedom of speech has been a right that rap artists have been fighting for as long hip-hop has been around. Numerous figures within hip-hop having put their careers on the line to ensure their ability to speak their mind without fear of censorship. Whether it be acts like N. Following pushback from YouTube staffers, the song was pulled from the platform and other streaming services before being added back a couple of days later, albeit with edits to the lyrics in question. In light of these recent incidents, we decided to look back on 15 controversial rap lyrics over the last 35 years.
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It's the boy Lil' Jon Yeah! Got my partner Yelawolf wit' me What's up Yela? You know it's time to crank the club up Let's go! You ain't gotta lay down on your bed to know you already fucked up Lettin' me in the motherfuckin' game is lettin' me drunk-drivin' your truck When Yelawolf arrived in this club, already had five in my cup I done took another hit, I done ran into a bitch that's lookin' lifeless and stuck Baby, what's wrong wit' you now?
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