Salt lick blocks

Choosing between plain white salt blocks, red mineralized blocks, rock salt on ropes, and more can be challenging. I have been researching different types of salt and mineral blocks available for horses. Is there one type I should choose over the others? There are a large number of different types of salt and mineral blocks available at feed stores. Here in California, I most commonly see plain white salt blocks, red mineralized salt blocks, and rock salt on a rope. However, in certain parts of the country, other salt blocks that contain supplemental selenium , cobalt , or sulfur are common, as well.
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White Salt Licks

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White Salt Licks

Compressed white salt licks in the form of blocks. Find our products near you with our store locator. Salt should be present in chicken feeds at an approximate rate of 0. If salt is restricted in early weeks, the health of the birds may not completely recover. Under normal conditions, horses require 2 ounces of salt per head per day. Under hot and humid conditions or with an increase in exercise, horses may require ounces of salt per head per day. Lack of salt during heavy exercise can contribute to performance and health problems.
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Salt Licks, Blocks & Holders

Mineral content is quite variable in tropical plants and soils, and mineral uptake is complicated by many different factors. Salt licks can provide the minerals that are often lacking, such as phosphorus, sodium, calcium and magnesium. It is possible, however, to make your own salt lick out of local ingredients. Different materials can be put into salt licks to provide the necessary nutrients.
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The Ranch House salt block contains trace mineral salt for deer. Each block weighs in at 50 pounds and is compact enough to be situated within reach of the animal. The trace mineral salt for deer that comprises this block is apple flavored, making it more appealing and attractive. It takes a lot of energy to grow properly, and energy requires the right combination of nutrients.
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