South east asian bear cat

The Binturong is a medium sized carnivore that is found inhabiting the dense forests of South-East Asia. They belong to the same family as other small carnivores including Civets, Genets, Mongooses and Fossa and share a number of characteristics with them including a long snout and having more teeth than most other carnivorous mammals. The Binturong is thought to be most closely related to the Palm Civet and is the largest member of this family. Also known as the Bearcat, the Asian Bearcat and the Asian Civet, the Binturong was once commonly found throughout much of its historical range but sadly, today they are a rare find in the thick jungles and very little is actually known about their behaviour in the wild. There are nine different subspecies of Binturong which vary little in appearance but tend to be most easily distinguished by their size and geographic location. They have very long, coarse and shaggy fur which varies from dark brown to black in colour and is tipped with grey, along with tufts of long and dark straight hair which protrude beyond the tops of their ears.
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What is a binturong?

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Bearcat Facts - Animals of Asia -

Also known as a "Binturong", the bearcat is actually related to neither bears nor cats, but is rather a member of the Viverridae Family, along with other civets and genets. Their fur is long and coarse, and usually black in color, though it may occasionally have gray tips. Their faces are a lighter color with long whiskers protruding from them, and there are long clusters of fur around their ears. One of the strangest things about the bearcat is that they are said to smell like "buttered popcorn". Despite being in the Carnivora order, bearcats are omnivores, and in fact mainly eat fruits such as figs. Being excellent climbers with agile limbs, there is hardly anything they cannot reach in the trees, and they are even capable of opening fruit using only their toes.
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Why Bearcats Smell Like Buttered Popcorn

The binturong was first described by Thomas Stamford Raffles in The body of the binturong is long and heavy, with short, stout legs. It has a thick fur of strong black hair. The bushy and prehensile tail is thick at the root, gradually diminishing in size to the extremity, where it curls inwards.
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It's a what? Looking like something Dr. Binturongs are also called bearcats, but that name is rather misleading since these animals are not related to bears OR cats.
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